Map of the Town

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Open All Year
2 Bridgeton Roller-Grist Mill (1823)
22 Willow Rose RV Park
Open Covered Bridge Festival & All Special Events
1 Bridgeton Covered Bridge and Dam 
4 Ye Olde Covered Bridge Shoppe
6a Bridgeton 1878 House
6b Case 1822 Log Cabin
6c 1878 Barn
25A Liberty Tree Baskets
Open Covered Bridge Festival & Some Special Events
7 Collom's General Store
19b The Emporium
Open Covered Bridge Festival ONLY!
3 Old Lodge Properties
6d Bridgeton RV Park
8 The Ole Town Hall
9a The Station
9b Bridgeton Grove
10 Country Road Designs
14 Paul's Place
19 Crooks Manor (Private Residence)
21 Willow Rose Carriage House
23a Jones' Place
23b Jones' Food Court
23c Raccoon Creek Craft Barn
24 Bridgeton Country Store
26 Bridgeton Mercantile
27a Bridgeton Craft Barn
27b Bridgeton Country Barn
Other Places of Interest
5 U.S. Post Office
13 Bridgeton Baptist Church
15 Clear Run Cemetery
16 Bridgeton United Methodist Church
28 Bridgeton Volunteer Fire Department
29 Old Bridgeton School



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